What is there to see?

In Cebu you will find many waterport activities!

First class resorts such as the Shangri-La will make your stay very pleasant.

Snorkeling is great! At Shangri-La you will see giant clams.

Or just relax on the beach!

Maribago Bluewater has a great beachfront! 

Cebu White Sands is next door and shares the glory!

The Hilton Hotel is an excellent resort with everything a family would want!

Why not grab a boat from near the Hilton Hotel and head over to Olango Island. This is a birdwatchers paradise - or just enjoy the beach. Snorkeling and diving trips can also be arranged.

There are many tours on offer to allow you to see local crafts, restaurants, and historic monuments such as Cebu Fort and the recently renovated Cathedral. Shopping trips to Ayala Mall (30-40 minutes from Mactan) can also be arranged.

The high class hotels in Cebu mean very high quality food is available, something not always available in provincial resorts. Of course, bargain dining is also available outside of the hotels.

After a hard day at the beach why not relax over a beer! This bar is at the Hilton. Similarly good bars are found at Shangri-La, Bluewater and other resorts.

Where do I stay?

Most people stay on the Island of Mactan. This is where the airport is located. Mactan is connected to Cebu by two bridges. All the resort hotels are located on Mactan Island, although other hotels are found in Cebu City. I would recommend the luxury resort hotels such as Shangri-La and Hilton. Some of the mid-range hotels such as Maribago Bluewater and Cebu White Sands are also highly recommended and offer a first class service. Some of the other mid-range hotels are a bit run-down and you can do better for the same amount of money. Shop around, but do check Trip Advisor online or take recommendations from friends. If you are after a bargain stay then avoid the resorts and stay near the airport. Some good, but cheap, accomodation can be found here. You can always go to a resort as many will let you use their beach and pool facilities for a 'day fee'. 

How do I get there?

Easy - loads of domestic and international flights fly to Cebu! If you are staying in Bohol then you will find it easy to grab a ferry to the adjacent island of Cebu.

How long shall I stay?

I always think that a long weekend is good. If you want to stay for a week though, you won't get bored. If staying in a resort, many people will not leave as they wish to enjoy the excellent facilities. There are, however, many tours available from the hotels and these will keep you busy!

Tips and Comments

If staying in a luxury resort then why not venture out for food? You'll save loads of money, particularly if you have a large family! You'll find restaurants just outside the luxury resorts and more choice and good value in the built-up area near the airport (ask your taxi driver).

Why not take a trip to Bohol by ferry whilst staying in Cebu?