Palawan South (Puerto Princesa)

What is there to see?

Enjoy the extensive beaches!

Grab a boat from Sabang (about 2.5 hours drive from Puerto Princesa, but the road is being improved) to the Underground River.

Before going underground you will likely encounter some monkeys and some huge metre long Monitor Lizards that live wild here!

The Underground River is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is 8.2 km long and navigable up to 4.3 km.

You will see many stalactites........

.......and bats too!

After you emerge from the cave you may get the boat back or choose to walk. The walk is excellent - choose the more challenging Jungle Trail or opt for the flatter Monkey Trail. Take in the coral beaches and maybe spot a monkey or two!

You can catch a Carabao from Daluyon Resort to visit the Mangrove forest.

Take a small boat into the mature mangrove forests, amongst the best mangroves in the Philippines.

You will spot loads of wildlife including butterflies, many bird species, monitor lizards, mudskippers and numerous mangrove snakes!

The trees are taller than you'd imagine!

Wow, some rare birds!

The river and forest is in it's natural state so you have to avoid the obstacles!

Whilst in Palawan you can go snorkeling or diving. You'll see all sorts of fish, corals, lobsters............


.......giant clams and yet more corals!

Where do I stay?

As with most places in the Philippines you can find both budget and reasonably luxurious hotels. Don't expect five stars though as you are a little out here! You can stay in Puerto Princesa or why not stay closer to the underground river in Sabang. This way you can beat the crowds and get to the underground cave, which is the main attraction, early.

How do I get there?

Fly to Puerto Princesa from Manila or Cebu. You can then get a taxi or tricycle from the airport to your resort. You can arrange this in advance, but no worries if you don't as there is always transport on hand.

How long shall I stay?

Two full days is sufficient to take in the main sights and enjoy the beach. If you just want to chill-out away from the crowds then stay longer!

Tips and Comments

Don't open your mouth in amazement when you look up at the bats in the cathedral-like underground cave - the drips aren't water!