Iloilo & Guimaras

What is there to see?

Take a boat ride from Guimaras and you'll find peace and quiet on beautiful coral beaches.

Caves are everywhere, but you can sail into this one and explore! Whilst in Guimaras you can also explore the island, buy some souvenirs and visit the church.

In Iloilo visit the old church

This is the bell tower

And the old Spanish church

Where do I stay?

Many of the hotels are concentrated in an area called the Smallville complex. Here you'll find a few shops and a good nightlife - lots of bars and restaurants. There are often live bands playing and you can grab a relaxing massage or spa if you wish.

Alternatively you can get out of the city and go to the adjacent island Guimaras. The Raymen Beach Resort was very pleasant and affordable. Other resorts, some cheaper and some more costly, exist. Unless you are bothered about the nightlife, then I would get out of Iloilo city as there isn't a great deal to do there.

How do I get there?

You can fly to Iloilo by plane. Flights arrive and depart from the new airport in Iloilo, which is very nice and large.

How long shall I stay?

A weekend in Iloilo is sufficient. Iloilo itself is not too exciting but the island of Guimaras is beautiful and relaxing.

Tips and Comments

Try the freshly caught lobsters that you can buy on the beach. They are a bargain!