Palawan North (Busuanga)

What is there to see?


Depending on the resort you choose you might get a boat through young mangroves. 

When you visit the small town of Coron take a moment to visit the market!

Dried fish are a speciality!

Take a boat from the town of Coron to visit amazing Cathedral-like cliffs of Coron Island. You can also do many dive excursions from here - there are loads of shipwrecks to explore!

Swim and snorkel in the warm waters!

Then climb up the hill to take in the view....

......and visit a cave!

Over the hill you will find the freshwater (or brackish) lake. You will love swimming in these crystal clear waters!

After another short boat ride you will reach the Hot Springs! The water is genuinely hot!

Then make the journey back to Coron town.

On Calauit Island you will discover a strange fauna. The island is like Africa! This is the Calauit Game Preserve and Wildlife Sanctuary.

You can even feed the Giraffe!

Enjoy swimming and Kayaking at the resort!

Or relax with a massage or spa!

Finally take in the sunset with an ice-cold drink.

Where do I stay?

Like most places in the Philippines both cheap and expensive accomodation can be found. The 'Philippines Travel Guide' by Jans Peters is a good source for information on cheap accomodation. In terms of luxury resorts El Rio y Mar Resort, Club Paradise, Club Noah and El Nido Resorts are recommended.

How do I get there?

Fly to Busuanga Airport. Arrange for your hotel to meet you. In Palawan you mainly get around by boat.

How long shall I stay?

You can see most of the sights in 2 or 3 days. In order to enjoy the place I would recommend a long weekend of 3 full days, but you could easily stay a week if you want relaxation. Palawan is a quite place and if you like this you can stay a long time! 

Tips and Comments

Palawan is reportedly a higher risk malaria area so you are advised to take anti-malarial pills.

You may not want to leave!